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A decentralized metaverse hosted on the blockchain under the Ethereum protocol

In order to maintain the real charm of each city and neighborhood, it can be built according to the characteristics of the neighborhood in real life.

For this, an urban planning file per avenue will be created that will mark the materials that may be used, as well as the heights allowed in each area.


Burning Mars

The most unique place in the Dream Life metaverse will be Burning Mars. A club of free creation of Art, Culture, Music, performance and experiences where private events of all kinds will be held. 10,000 AstroBeasts NFTs have been created as an exclusive membership pass for 10,000 owners. Additionally, 100 limited deluxe edition AstroGods will be available for those who want more and better.

Burning Mars has been inspired by the values ​​of Burning Man: freedom, community, cooperation, fantasy, passion and daring with a touch of madness.

Burning Mars becomes the most exclusive international virtual exhibition of Art, Culture, Music, Performance and Entertainment in the world. Each member will own a plot where they can create and develop an experience, sculpture, monument or any art they want to. Each plot will have its own link and domain so it can be easily shared on the owner's social networks and digital platforms.

Burning Mars will make its own construction software program available to the owners so they are able to design, create and build at their free choice.

Burning Mars will have its own gallery of NFTs so that each member who wants to can market their products or experiences.

Ones who have acquired one of the AstroGods (the Gods of Mars), in addition to the plot, will get a private spaceship.

Furthermore, they will possess an apartment in Mars Tower: a magical loft space in an emblematic city within a Megaverse that has yet to be revealed.

NFT Membership


1. Access to an exclusive metaverse

2. 1,000m2 plot

3. Benefits and offerings as early adopter


1. Access to an exclusive metaverse

2. 1,000m2 plot

3. Benefits and offerings as early adopter

4. Private spacecraft

5. Virtual loft of about 1,600m2 in a Megaverse

Video Gallery

Immersive NTFs

Travel To The Moon
Tony Bou
Dany Alves

Dream LIFE Shop

All financial transactions carried out in Dream Life will be carried out through our NFT marketplace “Dream life Shop”

All products or services sold, whether digital or physical products, as well as services or rentals , will be tokenized and converted to NFTs.

In Dream LIFE nothing will be sold that is not in NFT format.

NFT Marketplace

  • • Real Estate
  • • Dream Experience
  • • Digital Product
  • • Physical product
  • • Service
  • • Rentals


Exactly the same as in real life. Users will be able to buy virtual real estate in NTFs format.


  • • DreamVR Immersive NTFs
  • • Art NFTs by renowned artists


  • • Any type of digital products that may be used in Dream LIFE or other platforms; clothes for avatars, decoration for the lofts, decoration for the premises, furniture, etc.
  • • Digital Experiences
  • • Digital Content


• Any physical product to be sold in Dream LIFE will have to be in NFT format.

Physical products will always be accompanied by a digital NFT that will verify the authenticity of these products and what will be hosted in the Dream LIFE shop that will act as a wallet.


  • • Speculate and put them up for sale when the Metaverse is more developed
  • • Build a loft building with a commercial space or just a building converting these assets into new NTFs that can be sold or rent


  • • Exercise a private activity
  • • Carry out a commercial activity
  • • Rent them
  • • Sell ​​them

Crypto Token

The utility for Dream Life

We will create our own coin DWIN that will be launched on the market through an ICO.

This coin will convert anyone who owns it into a Dreamer.

Dream Club

In addition to being able to buy Dream LIFE products at a 50% discount, dreamers will also be able to access exclusive places for “Dreamers” such as clubs and events, among others.

Crypto DWIN

Furthermore, there will be products, services and experiences that can only be purchased by "Dreamers" with DWIN crypto currency.

Developers System

Tokenize your talent!

Creators Community: We will create a community of 3D developers. Any developer who wants to help us create the architecture of Dream LIFE can participate in the construction of buildings and all kinds of structures, and for that, get paid in reward form of our crypto DWIN.

Construction Application

In addition, a program and system will be developed so that the entire community works under the same construction standards and criteria.

Our artists

The objective is to launch this call through 3D developer schools at an international level.

Dream Content

Dream Content is the division for the creation and development of Dream VR experiences.

Dream content will be in charge of the design, development, execution and distribution of the 360 ​​& VR experiences that The Dream VR will create in all its themes for Dream Life with the aim of creating a metaverse of experiences that provides great added and differential value.

Dream Content Security

Dream Content will create a platform to tokenize the experiences and content for any of its categories, in this way users will be able to become owners and co-producers of the content, buying the security tokens that correspond to each content.

Currently, Dream Content has already developed and produced projects in its portfolio. Some of these projects have already been launched with a satisfactory result, allowing Dream Content to create the mold at the operational level and obtain the necessary expertise to be able to scale successfully.

Dream Content Products

Dream Fest: music festival created and recorded exclusively in 360 & VR with a spatial production system developed by Dream Content.

The following have already been successfully recorded and released: Estopa, Chenoa, Sara Baras, Antonio Orozco, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira.

  • Dream content has already successfully developed Dream Camping, the first 360 & VR reality show in history.
  • Dream Originals, 5 unique and exclusive pieces created by computer in 3D, Pixar style: Travel to the Moon, Atlantis, Area 51, Alcatraz.

Dream NFTs

Dream Content will be in charge of making the collections of immersive NFTs that will accompany each experience.

Not only can the art be visualized, but the user can be part of it by immersing himself in it through virtual reality.

Dream Game

Dream Game is the division created to develop and launch a series of mini-games that bring life and dynamism to the Dream Life experience

Spacecrafts Racing

A science fiction racing game with amazing 3D graphics and great anti-gravity driving experience. Innovative combination of racing and battle with other players. Various game modes and rewards.

Night Street Racing

3D street racing game. Best feeling in a race car, extremely challenging. A major attraction in big cities around the world by competing with other players.

Mud Wrestling

One of the craziest freestyle 3D games. Enjoy wrestling either in multiplayer mode or an AI controlled opponent. The excitement of breaking the rules can cause to win this mud wrestling revolution wrestle mania.


Dream Game is the Dream VR games division created to develop and launch series of mini-games that bring life and dynamism to the Dream Life experience, keeping users engaged and constantly active and competitive. They will also get great rewards for it with our tokens and NFTs.


In each city there will be cars, motorcycles, boats, planes... in a limited number. We want to develop races through the cities of Dream Life in mini game format with all these vehicles involving brands from the different vehicle divisions and making Dream Life races famous.

NFT games

All users will be able to bet and watch the races, but only the owners of these vehicles in NFTs format will be able to participate in them.

The intention is to hold a minimum of one official race per month per city and per division.

Dream Enterprise

Dream enterprise is the B2B division of Dream Life

It is created with the aim of facilitating access to the metaverse, 360 experiences and NFTs for brands. Brands will be a fundamental part in the development of the metaverse as sponsors of experiences and user acquisition.
In Dream Life, brands will be able to open virtual offices, open virtual stores. Brands will have the control to carry out marketing campaigns in any city and with any medium, hold all kinds of virtual events, create collections of NFTs, avatars, etc...
Dream Life will also make available to brands a large pavilion (eg Madison Square Garden NT) which will be rented for days. Brands will be able to benefit from all the latest generation visual supports.
Connect millions of clients and brands within Dream Life. The goal is that in a quick and logistically easy way, in a matter of hours, brands can create a personalized mega event.

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry or you are interested in collaborating in Dream Life